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Valhalla Records CDs now available

Kenneth Lane-Solo Debut Carnegie Hall "Live" 10 Language Concert[VRCD-1594] Kenneth Lane-Wagnerian Heldentenor-Wagner's Epic Heroes [VRCD-1595]
    • VRCD 1595 $16.50 - "Kenneth Lane, Wagnerian Heldentenor, WAGNER's EPIC HEROES"
    • VRCD 1594 $16.50 - "Kenneth Lane, Heldentenor, CARNEGIE HALL 'LIVE' SOLO DEBUT in TEN LANGUAGES" [Italian, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin, Hebrew, Yiddish, English]

    Both CDs are presented as performed, unedited, undoctored, only digitally-re-mastered to remove surface noise from the original Carnegie Hall Corporation's concert masters, using the CEDAR process. Look for our soon to-be-released CDs, the "Shakespeare" opera score, audiocassettes and performance tickets.

    You can order directly from Valhalla records by using the numbers given above. Orders received by 2:30 PM are sent out the same day.

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    Kenneth Bennett Lane's CDs are obtainable and can be heard on head phones at

    • Metropolitan Opera Shops

    • Sam Goody's: E 42nd Street & 2nd Avenue

    • Sam Goody's: E 60th Street & 3rd Avenue

    • Borders: 57th Street & Park Av

    • Barnes & Noble: Union Square at 33 East 17th Street

    • Barnes & Noble: Chelsea - 675 6th Avenue at 22nd Street

    • Barnes & Noble: Citicorp Building - 160 East 54th Street at 3rd Avenue

    • Carnegie Hall: Only on the Day of Concert