"In this chronological survey of Wagner's output, Mr. Lane proved that dramatically and vocally he is that rare real heldentenor [heroic tenor]. The voice managed the upper regions with secure, ringing tones and a warm baritonal color in the lower and middle registers. His prodigious talent for both vocal and histrionic expression literally and viscerally, demands viewing him in "live" opera performances, so strong is the impact that this recording conjures up visually in one's imagination!"
­Laszlo Halasz, Founder & First Artistic & Musical Director, New York City Opera

"Music to some enthusiasts is a quasi-religious experience. I am a moderately religious person, but the combination of Wagner and Kenneth Lane's voice makes conventional religion seem almost pedestrian !"
­Brice M. Clagett, Author/Critic/Attorney

"Kenneth Lane is certainly at home with the heroes! How many other tenors would (or could) attempt such an ambitious program? One would assume such a voice to come from a person of Valhallic proportions, as are most Wagnerian tenors. That he manages to maintain the support and heft for his heroic vocal undertakings and yet stay youthfully trim is certainly a tribute to his life-style and discipline. It must also come as a pleasant surprise to those who see him in operatic performances as well."
­Lawrence F. Holdridge, recordings' annotator, reviewer, radio commentator, and publisher of "The Record Auction" of Amityville, New York

"Hearing Kenneth Lane sing Wagner one is transported not only to the ideal aural realm of the Wagnerian heldentenor protagonist he is interpreting, but also convincingly to the entire Wagner canon, sensing the majesty, wide emotional outpourings and deeply-felt tenderness so palpably atmospheric of the Wagner we all imagined, but have not heard since the one and only Melchior."
­Martin Kalmanoff, Music Critic, opera composer ["The Bald Soprano" (Ionesco), "Insect Comedy" (Lewis Allan), "Joy of Prayer," & "pop" standard "Just Say I Love Her"]

Lane's voice is indeed powerful and full of character.... He captures effectively the anguish of TRISTAN denouncing the cursed drink (and himself), the confusion of PARSIFAL confronting Kundry, the regret of the dying SIEGFRIED, the torture of OTELLO's jealousy.... It is also pleasant, these days when most would-be heldentenors are wimpy and characterless, to find a singer like Kenneth Lane, who has real dramatic power.... There is rich promise in his singing.... WE NEED HIM!
­William Youngren, Music Critic, FANFARE, March/April 1997

Kenneth Lane is a tenor with impressive credentials.... The evidence provided by [Lane's] "Amfortas! Die Wunde!" and "Nur eine Waffe taugt!" suggests that he'd be quite an imposing PARSIFAL.... [Lane's] three TRISTAN excerpts also tantalize with their power.... Noted: he does nail the two "Bb"s in "Dio! mi potevi scagliar! [Otello]"
­James Miller, Music Critic, FANFARE, March/April 1997

Lane's Rienzi­heartfelt, spiritual, even vibrato! Otello­great hi Bb (!!) many, many very impressive points.
­Eugene Kohn, Metropolitan Opera Conductor