Reviews of 2nd CARNEGIE HALL Concert & CD:

"Kenneth Lane's CDs are quite an achievement-displaying wide scope, fine musicianship and, above all, his stamina!"
­George Jellinek, host of the 2 nationally broadcast series, The Vocal Scene & Vocal Gold;
Author, History Through the Opera Glass from the Rise of Caesar to the Fall of Napoleon

"Not only does Lane have one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard, but the style and feeling with which he sings quite different pieces is unmatched in my experience. His renderings have an intensity, a warmth and an elegance that I have rarely encountered, a heroic quality-Melchior is the only comparison that comes to mind."
­Brice M. Clagett, Author/Critic/Attorney

"The size of Mr. Lane's voice is astounding, and he lives every word he sings. Lane's Florestan's aria (Fidelio) left me gasping! Only Roswaenge's had the same effect on me, but Lane's rendition contains a singularly up-tempo finale which is both a vocal and dramatic knock-out."
­Joe Pearce, Sec'y, Vocal Record Collectors' Society, Contributor, Opera Quarterly & The Record Collector

"Huge, wide-ranging voice... heroic notes up to high B... a true dramatic tenor--a potential phenomenon--who can act with his voice as well as sing with it."
­Bill Zakariasen, New York Concert Review

"A true Tenore di Forza!"
­Aida Favia-Artsay, Author, Caruso on Records